Lord Oswald

Lord of Gormek hold, where our heroes began their journey. Not particularly adept at combat.


Aging orc with gray hair and a portly stature. Always very tastefully dressed. He is a good administrator to his manor, a talent he undervalues in the face of his lack of military prowess.


Lord Oswald comes from an old family, but it has been a few generations since they distinguished themselves before Kord. Lord Oswald himself still holds out hope that despite his advancing age, he’ll be selected to join the Champions of Kord and win back the fading glory of his family.

His daughter Lady Gren has shown signs that she might actually be the next in the family to win honor for Kord, but Oswald doesn’t care to see himself passed up by his child. He has forbidden her martial practicing, and has dictated that she dedicate herself to learning the administration of the manor.

Lord Oswald

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