Grigbad's Fortress

The adventurers moved north towards the city of Kordia, where they seek to join Kord’s Champions and the fight against Malora. On the way, they were ambushed by a band of bandits that had sacked the nearby town. Upon entering the town, they encountered Commander Frost leading a band of Pelorite soldiers.

Not wanting to side with the enemies, but determined to find out what had happened to Lord Desmond’s forces, the heroes slipped away in the night. Commander Frost gave chase, eventually the Pelorite forces laid siege to the keep, whilst Kor and Gult were able to slip in the postern door, with the aid of Dan the Glorious.

The adventurers fought their way to Lord Desmond’s audience room, and there found that Grigbad had taken Desmond captive, as well as the Pelorites that Commander Frost had claimed to be seeking. The heroes deftly laid a ambush for Grigbad, and after a intense battle, defeated him. Desmond told them of the terrible experiments that took place, and urged them to take him to Kordia to warn the armies there of the trouble brewing in the south.



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